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Fragments of WarFragments of War (2011)

Documentary, 5 minutes
Sereval short stories about the Great Patriotic War

MetamorphosisMetamorphosis (2010)

Very short film, 3 minutes
A film shot for the international contest “Parallel Lines”

Song About Insane MashaSong About Insane Masha (2010)

Music video, 3 minutes
Music video to the famous song of a Russian band Adrian & Alexander

RevengeRevenge (in production)

Short film, 7 minutes
Action movie about an accident and its consequences

CafeCafe (2008)

Very short film, 7 minutes
Just a small funny short film

MorningMorning (2008)

Very short film, 8 minutes
A romantic short about Summer morning and a lapse of memory

CaseCase (2008)

Short film, 10 minutes
A young man tries to escape from bandits who want to get his case

BirthdayBirthday (2007)

Short film, 21 minutes
The second relatively large-scale short film by Flying Sugar Studio

Baby CarriageBaby Carriage (2007)

Very short film, 3 minutes
A short film, art directed by a famous Russian film director Alexander Mitta

C and PC and P (2006)

Very short film, 2 minutes
A joke film about a small tennis-ball travelling through the city

Blind GameBlind Game (2006)

Very short film, 2 minutes
About love, beautiful light mood and carefree pastime…

No LuckNo Luck (2006)

Very short film, 3 minutes
Film written, shot and produced in 10 hours for Cinemasports film festival

Butter & BreadButter & Bread (2005)

Very short film, 2 minutes
A very short sketch about how important it is to have bread and butter together

PurifyPurify (2005)

Short film, 17 minutes
The first relatively large-scale short by Flying Sugar Studio

FranticFrantic (2005)

Music video, 3 minutes
A joke music video for the song of Metallica