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Baby Carriage

Very short film, 2007

Baby Carriage

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A young woman is walking with her infant who starts to cry because he ran out of his milk. She asks a passer-by to watch her kid to go and buy some milk.

Cast & Crew

Art Director Aleksandr Mitta
Director Evgraf Borezov
Screenplay by Svetlana Tsivinskaya
Director of Photography Ivan Gavrenkov

Starring Taya Craver, Konstantin Korf, Alexander Korjov, Olga Bulle, Julia Pezhemskayz, Ivan Gavrenkov

Film Editors Evgraf Borezov, Margarita Suslova
Drivers Leonid Penkovsky, Olga Bulle

Production Information

Most of the film was shot at June 12, 2007 in Moscow near the Avenue of Peace (Prospect Mira). Roads full of cars were shot separately one day before that. Panasonic DVX100B camcorder and a polarized filter Vitacon were used.

Technical Information

Runtime: 3 minutes
Language: Russian
Video Format: DV PAL, color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16:9)
Sound Mix: 2 channels (stereo)