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02/09/07Educational Horror Film
08/26/07The World’s Cheapest MiniDV Camcorder
10/29/07Birthday — The Micro Making of
11/01/078 months of life
12/12/07Birthday Sound Recording
01/13/08“Birthday” Premiere
01/22/08Birthday Premiere Results
02/12/08My Name Is Bruce Movie Trailer
02/15/08Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (trailer)
02/15/08Be Kind Rewind (trailer)
02/28/08Several books added to Film Theory
03/07/08The Circumstances (production journal)
03/11/08Making of the new short “Case”
03/14/08Blue-Tongue Films Studio
03/24/08The easiest way to draw a muzzle flash
04/10/08To Each His Cinema
04/13/08One more photograph from “Case”
05/21/08Bedhead (1991) — a short film by Robert Rodriguez
05/29/08Case Premiere
07/17/08Morning — a new short
09/08/08Action Movie. Filming. Day 1
09/09/08Fucking Bruges
09/28/08“Morning” short avaliable
10/06/08Van Damme in Friends
11/05/08How to add camera shake (from Iron Man)
11/24/08Practical Special Effects: Blood Burst and Chroma Key
12/04/08Guerilla (2008)
12/09/08Practical Special Effects: Pyrotechnics and Blood
02/04/09Sunday Shooting
02/12/09Inglourious Basterds (teaser trailer)
02/19/09Shinde (a short comedy)
07/29/09Music Video Shooting. Day X
08/05/09Oscar-nominated animated short films 2009
11/08/09Black Dynamite (trailer)
04/05/10The Expendables (new trailer)
04/12/10Sony EX1R Slow Motion Test
08/09/10Our new short
10/05/10The Making of Monsters
02/28/11Nike ads by Robert Rodriguez
04/18/11Final Cut Pro X Presentation (video)
09/08/11Plot Device short
09/26/11“Wife” rehearsal photos
10/05/11“Wife” apartment preparation
11/17/11Some old photos from Birthday shooting
03/12/12Movie: The Movie

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