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February 4, 2009, 3:35pm

Sunday Shooting

Attaching the pyrocartridge to the body

Last Sunday we tried to emulate multiple bullet hits as if someone was shooting a tommy gun. The result was pretty lame and we’re going to reshoot this short. Photos of the process are available.

Dan and Ira are rehearsing


Ivan is shooting how Ira watches some movie on PSP, Dan is recording sound, and I am monitoring this proccess.

That’s how my playback looks like (it’s a DVD player)


Ivan shoots using DvMultiRigPro camera stabilizer


We are preparing the pyrocartridges

Preparing the pyrocartridges

Blood in condoms, petards and cases for protection


Andrey is going to blow the pyrocartridges, Ira is putting in her earplugs and is preparing to fall down to the mat.

Preparing to fall down

That is the electric trigger we used to set of the charge

Electric Trigger

The rest of the photos are avaliable on Yandex.

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