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Short film, 2005


Movie Stills (10)
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Every big city suffocates with garbage which people throw away everywhere without even thinking of it. Ecocatastrophe danger grows every day, population of the Earth is on the verge of extinction. Social advertising doesn’t work. Time to take emergency measures has come.

Two people purify the world of those who destroy. They were blessed by God Himself. But can it help?..

Cast & Crew

Written and Directed by Evgraf Borezov
Cinematographers Ivan Gavrenkov, Kirill Tabachenko

Starring Evgraf Borezov, Timur Musin, Andrew Danilov, Denis Zeltser, Vyacheslav Dzikevich, Igor Balashov, Ilya Volkov, Ivan Gavrenkov

Film Editor Evgraf Borezov

DVD Contents

Movie (17 minutes)
Trailer (1 minute)
Deleted Scene (2 minutes)
Outtakes (5 minutes)

Director’s Cut

There is a 2 minutes longer version of Purify. The only difference from the theatrical version is that it contains a scene featuring Leonid Penkovsky. It was deleted due to lack of new dramatic information in it.

Technical Information

Runtime: 17 minutes
Language: Russian
Video Format: DV PAL, color
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 (16:9)
Sound Mix: 2 channels (stereo)